Self-identify as a person with a disability

What Is Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability?
In the federal workplace, agencies rely on employees to self-identify their disabilities. This is typically the only way for agencies to know what percentage of their workforce includes people with disabilities. This information is always kept confidential and used for statistical purposes only. It is only reported at the aggregate level.

Why Should I Self Identify?
ResponsAbility strongly believes it is in the best interest of employees, both individually and collectively, to self-identify a disability. Federal agencies depend on employees to self identify in order to aid in a range of programs and operations, including:

  • Tracking and effectiveness and improving programs to attract, hire, and retain people with disabilities
  • Ensure availability of services and programs for employees with disabilities, including reasonable accommodations
  • Improves accuracy of statistical data that is widely used in reports and program planning across the federal government
  • Will never, ever jeopardize or negatively impact your employment

How do I Know if I Have a Reportable Disability?
Many Federal employees would probably be surprised to learn that a very wide array of conditions are considered disabilities, including chronic health conditions like diabetes or past/current history of cancer. View the list of reportable disabilities on the Standard Form 256. Note that there is also an option to report a disability that does not appear on the list, as well as an option to report a disability without disclosing its exact nature.

Okay, I’m Ready. How do I Self-Identify?
Employees of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as well as all federal employees who use the USDA National Finance Center’s Employee Personal Page (EPP) can quickly and discreetly report their disability online at any time:

  • Step 1 
    Login to your EPP page
    my EPP logo
  • Step 2
    Select the “ERI, Gender, & Disability” tab on the left side navigation bar and click “Self Service”
  • Step 3
    Select the disability or option from the dropdown list and continue