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2 thoughts on “Contact us

As the mother of a son with assorted disabilities I’ve watched events here at USPTO on related topics and this week’s announcement caught my attention. Funny enough, DOC does more for “disabliities employment” than USPTO. I was on the Deaf Task Force to provide improved communications options and worked with their disabilities group. They use a company (OneSource I think) to provide developmentally disabled individuals with employment opportunities. The individuals were cheerful and often seen in the halls where greetings with personnel were obviously positive.

At PTO activities such as internal package delivery and shredding would be possible activities. As an example, my son ran the copier, delivered mail and messages and shredded documents for his high school even though he has CP, deafness, and developmental limitations. They made it very clear they enjoyed his cheerful and careful response to these duties. It might be worthwhile to make a list of the really boring jobs and see if it wouldn’t be cost effective to use a resoure company to provide cheerful steady people to perform those functions. (I hate shredding!) :-) Just a thought. Cheers!

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